VHF Field Day Saturday July 7th
We will be putting up aerials in Frank's garden for the contest but more importantly this will be a social event.  The barbecue will be available all day for you to cook whatever food you bring.  We will provide some crockery, cutlery and plastic cupsBring whatever food and drink that you wish.  This will be a fun day with some radio attached.  Please bring friends and family.  Look forward to seeing you all then.

Next Meeting Wednesday 4th July 2018 19;00
As the weather is so good at the momement we will be holding a table top sale in the garden.  In order to ensure that fair prices are paid for each item we are working on a new system.  Each of the lots will have a number.  Each member will receive a sheet which has a list of all the numbers and you will write in against the number the amount that you will be willing to pay for that lot.  A few of the lots will have a minimum price but most will be unrestricted.

After the sale we will have a short video about the history of the club (about 30 minutes).  Looks to be a full evening with the chance to get some very good value components.

We had a very successful stand at the Banbury Show. We managed a few HF contacts and a huge number through Raidcall with RF links at each end. Many thanks to all who helped to set up the event. There are photos of the event here

John Burrel has sent us some very useful link with regard to propogation conditions.  Please check them out.

Heavens Above Website          Solar System Data           Space Weather Service

Intermediate Licence Course
The intermediate licence course will start on Tuesday 3rd July at 1900.  All tuition will take place in the clubhouse.  As always we will not be charging members for the tuition but will have to make a small charge for the use of the club house.  This will be divided among the students on the couses so the more there are of you the less it will cost.   There will also be a small charge for the materials used in the construction part of the course. 

Shack Pictures Here
We have started the shacks section with pictures from Philip and Pete.  In view of the security questions raised by John G8OXZ we are only identifying them by the first name of the owner.  Hopefully this will make you more confident about sending pictures.  Please let us have some more shack pictures.

Change to Club Net.
We have decided to extend the net with a second session on Sundays at 1930.  Look forward to hearing you all then.  Frequencies are the same 144.515 FM and 432.525 FM

The minutes of the committe meetings will now be published on this site in the club documents section

Welcome to Banbury Amateur Radio Society

We meet regularly on the first and third Wednesday of each month for general club meetings and on the second and fourth Wednesday of each month for contruction projects. On the occasions where there is a fifth Wednesday in the month there is no meeting.

 We meet at 169 Bloxham Road, Banbury, OX16 9JU. The clubhouse is at the bottom of the garden. Go through the side gate and walk down the garden. We have a wide range of radio equipment and aerials which club members can use.

We are an informal group and always ready to welcome new members to the club. Come along and give us a try. We run courses for each of the levels of amateur licence when we have enough applicants.  We have three qualified instructors and a huge amount of experience within our membership all of whom will be willing to help you get whatever licence for which you are aiming.