World Wide Scouting Radio Event
Hopefully Ron Sangster should be able to give us further details.  There is a link to the UK Scout site details here

Simon sent this which comes from the ARRL
Jamboree on the Air Marks 60 Years this Fall
 "60 Years Connecting Scouts" is the theme for the Boy Scouts' 2017 Jamboree on the Air (JOTA), set for October 20-22.

JOTA Coordinator Jim Wilson, K5ND, said the theme "recognizes the start of the event in 1957 and commemorates its growth in participation and in the expanding communication channels that are activated on the third weekend in October." The official JOTA patch will be available by July 19.

The JOTA-JOTI (Jamboree on the Internet) patch is available now. Wilson said JOTA's "communication channels" now include Amateur Radio on the air and via internet-based channels, as well as many other internet-based options, including social media, ScoutLink and IRC chat services, Skype, and more. "It also recognizes the goal of the event -- connecting Scouts so that they can engage in conversations with other Scouts across town and around the world,"

Wilson said. "This allows them to discover geographic and cultural differences and similarities. Plus, they are exposed to the technology that makes all this happen." The World JOTA-JOTI Team said it would announce "a number of weekend activities supporting the 2017 theme." JOTA participation last October was up from 2015's numbers. According to the final JOTA report, 10,761 Scouts took part -- an increase of more than 50% from a year earlier -- and the number of stations filing reports, at 267, jumped by 28% from 2015 (the record was 271 in 2013). The number of Amateur Radio operators was up by 14% to 1,120, although the number of radios reported in use dropped by 25% to 631. Total JOTA 2016 contacts remained flat at 8,254.