PIXIE Challenge announced.
Antony has announced the PIXIE construction challenge. This little receiver is remarkable in it's design and the price at which it can be produced. Kits of parts for the receiver alone are available from various Chinese suppliers for very little, yet it is a full CW transceiver outputting 750 miliwatts. The challenge is to build a standard kit at the club and there is a prize for the first couple who can achieve a QSO accross the garden. A full kit which includes all necessary parts for the transceiver, all plugs, wiring, a battery box and a rechargeable amplified speaker and a switch to ac as a morse key is being made available for £15.00. When this is built you will have a fully functioning CW QRP transceiver.
There are three prizes. A soldering iron for each of the pair to make the first QSO with the sets and a kit devised by Antony for an RF power meter based on an Arduino shield.

Followup to the Banbury Show
A thorough check was made on all of the clubs radio equipment following the problems which had occurred at the Banbury Show. We are pleased to report that the equipment all works well with the clubs aerials. We assume that the problems were due to the interference cause by other exhibitors at the show, probably mainly the generators of the food stalls around us.
Sadly the damage to the frame of the gazebo when the wind attempted to get the whole structure airborne was serious. The frame can no longer be used. We are keeping the parts in an attempt to cannibalise them to act as spares for the club's other gazebo.