PIXIE Challenge
The first night of the PIXIE Challenge was won by Katriya Sabin.  Whilst not the first to complete assembling the transceiver her version worked first time and she was able  to receive the message being sent from Antony's computer transmitter arrangement.

Frank showed his construction expertise by completing the assembly of the kit half an hour ahead of everyone else but unfortunately his version did not work. By the time he had sorted it Katriya had finished and won the prize of a kit for a kit of components to make a digital VFO based on the Arduino Uno and an AD9851 + DS 3231 Real time clock.
The part completed kits were left at the club for completion at the next construction night where the main prize is a top end solder station for each of the first pair to make a documented QSO and exchanging their id codes.  We look forward to total chaos as all the competitors will be working on the same frequency.  Should be fun!

Photos of the first part of the PIXIE contest are available here