Construction Night 26 July 2017
The final part of the Pixie challenge.  We arrived to find Gordon Reason had assembled his PIXIE (he swears in an hour and a half) on a board along with a high quality morse key.  the only concession to the classic design was that it was a straight key rather than a paddle.  He had also produced an excellent square aerial wound on wooden frame.  We decided that as so many members had not finished their transceivers in the last session that we would allow extra time for everyone to finish before we did the QSO contest.  During the testing of the kit we found that whenever Gordon transmitted with his superior tuned aerial it saturated the front ends of everyone else's receiver. The old CB phrase 'Blow your ears off' came to mind!  Everyone else was using a metre of wire tied round any convenient support.

However in the end John Manley and Brian Cohen managed to get their codes exchanged ahead of everyone else but as they were sitting side by side and were not working to the rules as strictly as they should, they decided to remove themselves from the competition.  There was considerable chaos as everyone was transmitting and receiving on the same frequency and very close to each other.  In addition to this no one had used Morse for a long time so the keying was distinctly less than perfect. Frank helped things along by lending to Katriya the Morse key which he had used to pass his Morse test back in the mists of the past.

Eventually Gordon and Katriya managed to exchange their information and became the prizewinners. 

A lot of fun was had by all.  Many thanks to Antony Watts for organising the event.  And is was impressive that communication could be established with such a simple design.

Photos of the meeting are available here