VHF Field Day 1st July 2017
The weather was kind to us and the team assembled at 10:00 to plan the layout of the garden. We began erecting aerials at 1100 and managed to set up the main mast with a 2 metre beam and a 70cm boom. There was some problem at first in getting the mast to rise as there was a leak in the compressed air system. Fortunately we found that by pushing up that section manually we could get the rest of the mast blown up properly by the compressor. We also had a vertical aerial for spotting stations on which were in a different direction to the main rig.

Special thanks are due to Ron Sangster, John Manley, Frank Humphris and Ray Calleja who kindly turned to help erect the aerials.
We had a second 2 metre rig which was connected to another Yagi which was used to spot other stations. This was ably operarted by Katriya and her friend Lewis.

Whilst we did not get a huge amount of contacts we learnt a lot about the difficultly of receiving weak signals which are masked by stronger local signals. We were pleased to see that Anthony and Brian Lonsdale were able to come now that Brian is recovering from his stay in hospital.

As always we try to make this summer event a social as well as radio event so there was a barbecue running throughout the day. There are photos of the event here