Mills on the air
We all turned up on Friday night and laid out the G5RV with the 8 metre mast at one end and a tree at the other. We then set up the tent so that the feed line should be as near vertical as possible and by about 2130 had the whole installation in place. We were well organised for comfort with tea and coffee making facilities in place.

Setting up had some hilarious moments with John Manley M1CNJ doing some interesting fishing in the tree to try and get a line up over it. He did not catch anything but eventually managed to get the fishing line up and pull over the rope to pull up the aerial.

In the morning we started again at 0800 and despite some problems with one of the transceivers we managed several contacts on 20 metres until about midday when we switched to 40 metres and made many contacts. The operators during the day were Ron Sangster, Paul Endean, John Manley, Frank Humphris, and Brian Cohen.

By the end of the event we had made 47 contacts with some from Portugal, Greece and Kosovo.

Photos of the event are available here