Banbury Show
Firstly thanks to all those who turned up to help, particularly Ron Sangster who despite considerable other committments on the day was a great help in setting up the stall and the aerials.  In the early part of the morning all was well but after about 1030 we began to experience a great deal of interference.  Noise levels were up to S8 which made communcation impossible on 40 metres.  On 20metres there was some readable activity mainly from an Italian contest.

Our real problems however began when the wind began to get extreme.  Finally a particularly severe gust of wind lifted the gazebo and would have taken it flying accross the showground if it had not been for the quick thinking of Paul Endean who hung on tightly.  Sadly we do not have any pictures of this as it was more a case of hanging on rather than recording events.  When the wind subsided again we had to take the gazebo down as the struts had been damaged.   Whilst we spent a good deal of the afternoon placing heavy objects on any paperwork we did distribute a number of leaflets unintentionally.  Hopefully they may engender some interest.

Despite the tribulations we all had a fun day and we hope managed to interest some people in amateur radio.

Photos of the event are available here