Banbury Amateur Radio Society


There are three grades of amateur radio licences.  When there are candidates available we run courses for all types.
All grades of licence have an examination fee payable to the Radio Society of Great Britain and may incur also a small fee payable to the club.

To contact us please click this link: This will bring up your normal email client.We endeavor to answer all emails within 24 hours.

Foundation Courses

The Foundation licence is the most basic amateur radio licence. It is designed to allow you to get started safely without causing interference to other users.

The course usually runs for three days with the exam on the following Sunday.

We require a minimum of 4 candidates to run this course.  the Foundation licence allows you to use only commercially manufactured equipment and to emit a maximum of 10 watts of power.  That may sound like very little but the QRP enthusiasts in the club will assure you that you can communicate over ranges of a 1000 miles with 10 watts

Intermediate Courses

The intermediate licence allows you to transmit up to 50 watts of power and to use equipment which you have built yourself. 

This licence requires significantly more knowledge of electronics than the foundation licence and the courses for this licence last for several weeks.  You will also need to to do some private studying of the material.  

If you are interested to join a course for the intermediate licence please contact us at

Advanced Courses

The advanced licence requires a considerable amount of study and a fairly thorough knowledge of electronics. 

It allows access to all the amateur bands and permits the use of up to 400 watts soon to be increased to 1000 watts of power.With this licence you are entitled to build your own equipment and operate it subject to it not causing interference with other users.  You will need several weeks study for this licence with our instructors and a lot of reading.

Anyone wishing to join a course should contact us at

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